Support Group for Parents of Children with Hearing Impairment

Every Second Tuesday


Odd Numbered Months

7:00pm- 9:00pm

Location: UMass Memorial Rehabilitation Group

Morgan Building-Audiology Department

3rd Floor Conference Room

15 Belmont Street Worcester, MA 01605


Newborn hearing screening is a fundamental tool in early intervention and when all the right steps are followed, it assures that we can allow our children to “hear” in their dreams at night. Without amplification and therapy during the waking hours, many children with hearing impairment would have silent dreams as they drift into slumber each night.


For parents, learning the unanticipated results of newborn hearing screening can often crush the many dreams that may have been formed even before a child is born. This support group will enable parents to discuss and express the dreams that they have, and share ways that they have kept their dreams alive and how others may have simply modified the dreams that they have for their children.


Through a combination of early intervention and parental support, we are helping our children to find and fulfill their own dreams. Whether you have already gone through the experience and have wisdom and thoughts to share with others or you are just now dealing with emotions and are looking for answers, please join us to meet others and discuss and plan future meetings.


Please RSVP 1 week prior to attending

Megan Ford508-334-8736





No babysitting will be available. Parents & Caregivers only.